Inspired Music – String Quartet

Inspired Music promotes the Didsbury String Quartet, a superb ensemble available in the North West of England ( based in Manchester ).
The String Quartet have years of experience playing for weddings, parties, corporate events and other functions.
The members of the String Quartet have made numerous television and radio appearances, such as featuring on BBC One, BBC Radio 4, Channel 5, the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. They’ve even worked with musicians such as Sting and Gary Barlow!
The String Quartet perform music from many genres including classical, jazz, ragtime, film/TV and pop, and bring a touch of class to any event!
 The String Quartet take up an area of approximately 4 metres squared. They provide their own instruments and stands but require 4 armless chairs, refreshments, and suitable shelter if the event is outside. Special wedding requests ( favourite songs/ themes etc ) can usually be catered for, given sufficient notice.