Inspired Music – Hot Botz Brass Band

Audibly and visually thrilling! The perfect festival band!

Musicians Union 2012

The Hot Botz Brass Band is a 6-piece dance brass band, made up of trumpets, trombones, sousaphone and drums. They play dance music, including dubstep, drum and bass, hip-hop, reggae, Mariachi, and Balkan. Most of their music is original ( composed by Joel Cooper ), and they have arranged a few quirky covers of famous tracks by bands / DJ’s, including Nero, Daft Punk, Bob Marley and Mosca.

The Hot Botz Brass Band is based in both Manchester and London, Hot Botz North (Manchester), and Hot Botz South, (London). They work with guest MC’s and singers on occasion.

The Hot Botz Brass Band was formed in 2009 following a busking tour of Europe (10 capital cities in 30 days). Since then they have performed at countless club venues, corporate parties, and at festivals around the UK, including Parklife Festival, Beatherder Festival, Kaplick Solar Festival, and the Edinburgh Festival, where they played at the E4 venue, ‘Udderbelly’ with the ‘Tom Tom Crew’, (Australian Urban Circus), and on Stephen. K. Amos’s live stand-up comedy show.

In 2010 the Hot Botz Brass Band brought out their first, self-titled, album. This was as a 4-piece band, ( also available for hire ). In July 2013, they released their single, ‘Tremor’, which was premiered at the Beatherder Festival. They released another single, ‘Free yourself’, (featuring the amazing voice of Kathryn Pemberton), in June 2015. Their second album will be released in Spring 2018.

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