Inspired Music – Jazz Band

Inspired Music offers sensational Jazz Bands in both the North of England ( based in Manchester ) and the South of England ( based in London ).

What is a Jazz Band? It is a group of musicians that mainly play music from the Jazz and Swing eras (mid-twentieth century). The line-up of a group depends on the number of musicians in it. The video above is of the Max Johnson Jazz Trio, (piano, double-bass and saxophone).

The rhythm section of a Jazz Band usually consists of drums, double-bass (or bass guitar), and usually at least one instrument capable of playing chords, such as piano. On top of that, there can be a ‘horn section’ (Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone) and a singer/ singers.

Perfect for: The Jazz Band is great for just about any event. They can perform for drinks receptions (usually as a smaller group), during meals, as an evening band, and at parties, fund-raisers, corporate events etc.

What they’ll need: The Jazz Band provide all their own instruments, stands and sound systems. They’ll need some power sockets and a suitably sized, well-lit area, in which to play in (area size dependant on size of group). The Jazz Band will also need access to the venue before their performance to ‘sound check’, (normally an hour before performing).