Inspired Music – Fanfare Trio

The Fanfare Trio – ‘A trio of trumpeters, bringing regal grandeur to your event!’

Fanfares are short pieces of music normally written for brass instruments. They are traditionally used at weddings, ceremonies and for Royal occasions and are ideal to announce the opening of an event or the arrival of important guests.

Inspired Music offers Fanfare Trios in the South of England ( based in London ) and the North of England ( based in Manchester ). They are made up of three professional trumpeters who perform a collection of short, triumphant pieces.

Nothing is more grand than being heralded by a fanfare. At weddings, the Fanfare Trio can herald the entrance of the Bride, perform lively music for the signing of the register, play a closing fanfare for the exit of the married couple and they can even be used to announce the arrival of special guests at your drinks reception / wedding breakfast.

The Fanfare Trio is impeccably presented, ( wearing tails and bow ties with polished instruments ), making them both audibly and visually impressive.